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IMPORTANT! Early Termination Penalty Fees for TM Unifi and Streamyx (Consumer & Business) will be charged based on the original package price x remaining month period within contract for orders processed in TM system from 19th March 2018 onwards! You are required to inform customer on the early termination (Terminate service within contract) penalty fees before you submit order in tagter to avoid complaint from customer (COMPULSORY)!

Note: 6 - 20 characters (Only alphanumeric allowed, please do not insert symbol such as "-", "." etc).

Example: 801202106789
Example: 012-2163731
Note: Strictly enter only customer's email for billing purposes, Unifi e-bill will be sent to this email address.
Photocopy IC ( Front & Back ) or passport (Passport Expiry date must not be less than 2 years from the registration date)